The EU needs more trade

To be competitive in the international market, Finland needs the EU. Around 60 % of Finland’s export goes to the EU-market. Even though the EU’s internal market is working fairly well, we need to improve the free movement of services and digital products. Currently there is no free trade agreement between the EU and the USA ,which ought to be established. The EU needs more and better free trade agreements, in order to increase the economic growth of the member states.

The EU needs to focus on the big things

The EU should focus on the big questions and let the member states make their own decisions. We must increase our cooperation when it comes to commerce, migration and fighting climate change. On the other hand the EU should stay away from questions within the field of social security, including labor, family and education.

The EU has to be safe

The EU’s border- and coastguard Frontex should be granted more resources, in order to better monitor both the EU’s internal security and the external borders. The EU also needs to work more actively to stop human trafficking. This means that the inserts against cross-border organized crime must be increased.

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About Filip

My name is Filip Björklöf, and soon I will have completed my Master of Economics from Hanken School of Economics. I have been working in politics for several years, and I am currently chairman of the biggest Council group and member of the City Board in Raseborg. I have been working in many different organizations with numerous different tasks, and I possess a broad network both in Finland and internationally. I have recently returned from the US, where I worked in the United States Senate for Senator Ron Wyden and I also have previous work experience in Brussels, where I have worked for the farmers lobby organization.

Freedom is important in my society. I believe in the individual, that we are capable of making our own decisions. I believe in a society that creates equal opportunities for everybody, and I believe in leaving behind a better world than the one we inherited. I believe in helping those in need and in global cooperation to stop climate change and clean up nature.

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EU elections FAQ

When can i vote?
You can vote in advance in Finland between 15-21.5, in other parts of the world 15-18.5.

When are the EU elections 2019?
Election day is 26.5

My hometown is not in Uusimaa, can i still vote for you?
Yes you can! All of Finland is under one constituencie, so you can vote for anyone regardless of where you live.

Why shoudld i vote 2019?
The European election is your only chance to directly affect the future of the EU. There are strong protectionismic powers in motion, and therefore the constructive votes are of particular importance. How, and in what direction the EU is developing affects us all.
-Filip Björklöf, candidate in the elections 2019